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Oruj Institute of Higher Education

To ensure that more women evolve into leadership roles and are included in the decision-making process in Afghanistan, especially now when the international community is committed to supporting Afghan women, they need access to four-year quality higher education. By transitioning the two-year community college to a four-year liberal arts higher education institute, Oruj has created the path for women to enter the workforce in higher-level government positions so they can be heard and included in national and international forums.  


In the fall of 2011, Oruj commenced the Institute by opening admissions into two faculties: Faculty of Law and Faculty of Economics. These faculties were selected on the basis of 1) a survey completed by women, in January 2011, and b) job market guided by online job search. Oruj analyzed the most commonly used websites ( and to study the vacancies available for women in the job market. Both studies indicated that there is a huge demand for female graduates of Law, Economics, and Journalism, respectively. 

As of the academic year 2019, Oruj Institute of Higher Education is serving over 900 students in three different shifts, morning, afternoon, and evening classes. over 

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