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Advisory Board

Oruj's Advisory Board is comprised of three international and four national members. The national members are:


  • Sadia Hafiz, Lecturer at Salaam Private University;

  • Lida Yaqubi, Project Manager at Afghan Women’s Network (an umbrella organization for women-led NGOs in Kabul);

  • Delawaiz Saeed, Director of M&E at the Presidents Office, Kabul; and

  • Ahmad Zia Aimal, Community Development Worker at Care International - Afghanistan


The International members are:

  • Ian Guest, Executive Director of Advocacy Project and Visiting Professor at Georgetown University;

  • Mary Moore, a journalist and graduate of the Kennedy School at Harvard University; and

  • Karen Mulhauser, a member of the Board of Directors of American Forum and founder of Mulhausers Associates 















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