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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is comprised of five women and two men:

  • Mehria Naser, School Curriculum Development Consultant at the Ministry of Education;

  • Shukria Kazimi, Gender Unit Manager at Afghanistan National Development Strategy;

  • Shahla Farid, Professor of Law Faculty in Kabul University; 

  • Dilawaiz Sayed, Coordinator of MPA Curricula Development Team at Afghanistan Higher Education Project; and

  • Ahmad Zia Aimal, Community Development Worker at Care International - Afghanistan

  • Khuwaja Musa Fariwar, Professor of Political Science Faculty in Kabul University; and 

  • Afzoon Aziz, Program Director, Oruj Learning Center

The Executive Director, Sadiqa Basiri, attends the meetings but do not cast decision-making votes.



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